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2013-2014 Annual Report

We're so thrilled to share our new 2013-2014 Annual Report!


In these pages, you'll take a journey through Reach Out and Read's 25 years of literacy promotion, and find highlights of the work we've done together to change the lives and futures of the children who need us most. 

Check out our Annual Report here!

The support of so many incredible partners has enabled us to make a lasting impact on pediatrics, and the worlds of millions of children and families nationwide.

Special thanks to author/illustrator Peter Reynolds for providing the custom illustrations found throughout the report. Click  here to learn more about Peter --  and his amazing work.

Book by book, Reach Out and Read truly engages children and parents in the transformative power of reading, right from the start.

On behalf of the millions of families we serve,THANK YOU for being part of our story.

Written by Judith Forman at 14:00


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That adesserds several of my concerns actually.
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