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AAP Launches New Early Literacy Toolkit

Like carpenters have toolkits to build houses, doctors need toolkits to help build brains.

Earlier this month, the American Academy of Pediatrics at its national conference in San Diego unveiled its new Books Build Connections literacy toolkit, aimed at providing practical literacy resources for pediatricians and parents on the importance of talking, reading, and singing with their children to promote early learning. 

According to the AAP, the toolkit - which was produced in collaboration with Reach Out and Read -  includes "12 tip sheets, parent handouts and other publications in easy-to-use, mobile-friendly formats to help pediatricians promote early literacy."

 Among the resources in the toolkit:

  • 16 concrete ways pediatric health professionals can promote early literacy in their practice and community;
  • Background for pediatric professionals on the science of early literacy;
  • Parent-friendly tips on sharing books with children at specific ages and stages of development, from birth through age 10;
  • Advice for parents on "the secret to a smarter baby";
  • Recommendations on choosing books for children based on age and topic, including specific titles;
  • Tips from doctors on reading with very young children, including the 5 Rs of early education.

"Pediatricians want all parents and caregivers to know that by making special one-on-one time every day to read, talk and play with their young children, they are promoting their child's early learning. This kind of treasured experience actually creates new connections in their child's brain that promote language development and secure the bond between parent and child," said Pamela High, MD, FAAP, lead author of the AAP's early literacy policy statement. "By creating the Books Build Connections toolkit, the AAP and Too Small to Fail, in collaboration with Reach Out and Read, are getting the word out to families that early experiences really matter."

The literacy  toolkit incorporates new recommendations on early literacy issued by the AAP in June. In that policy statement, the AAP emphasized literacy-beginning from an infant's very first days-as an "essential" component of primary care visits. As part of the partnership with Too Small to Fail and AAP, Scholastic, Inc. agreed to donate 500,000 new, age-appropriate children's books for distribution through Reach Out and Read, which works with 20,000 medical providers nationwide to promote early reading and give books to 4 million children and their families annually at pediatric visits.

Click here to view the toolkit.

Click here to watch former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton announce the launch of the toolkit. 

Written by Reach Out and Read - Communications at 12:00


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