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The Reach Out and Read Board of Directors Welcomes Two Influential Early Literacy Advocates

The Reach Out and Read Board of Directors is delighted to welcome two new members, Claudia Aristy and Evan Keyser. Claudia and Evan bring inspiring past experiences and individual perspectives to the Board that will support the organization's future growth and development.

Claudia Aristy has witnessed Reach Out and Read from every aspect of the program - first as a mother, then as a Parent Educator, and finally, as a Volunteer Trainer, and Director of the Reach Out and Read Program at Bellevue Hospital. These multiple roles give her a working knowledge and understanding of the Reach Out and Read model from the viewpoint of the families we serve.claudia-quote-background

As a mother inspired by the Reach Out and Read mission, Claudia went on to work as a bilingual Parent Educator in the Bellevue waiting room. She enjoyed spending her time directly in the clinic, speaking to parents about the importance of reading aloud and preparing them for the conversation that would take place later in the examination room with the pediatrician. "It is so grounding. All of us who have done this work - we would all agree - we do it for the children," says Claudia. 

Since 2013, Claudia has been Director of Children of Bellevue's Reach Out and Read Program and The HELP Project. In addition, Claudia serves on the Advisory Board of Leyendo Juntos, a Reach Out and Read initiative to support Latino families in their native language, and Reach Out and Read of Greater NY. Claudia is an inspiring mentor for new program site directors who have heard about Bellevue's continued success through Reach Out and Read.

"It's such an honor to hold this position," says Claudia. "I hope to bring the reality of everyday Reach Out and Read in the clinic. I have been on all ends of Reach Out and Read - I've been there as a mom, as a Parent Educator, a Trainer for Volunteers, and now a Director. I bring many different perspectives and I hope that will benefit the mission as a whole and hopefully inform some of the realities of the program."


Evan Keyser's professional, extensive knowledge of finance will help to strengthen Reach Out and Read's organizational acumen as we continue to focus on strong and stable financial-management.

With over 9 years working in investment banking, Evan will support our strategic financial planning.

Supporting families and children has been a central theme of Evan's life. His mother taught orthopedically handicapped students in the Kansas City public school system and he frequently visited his mother's classroom and communicated with the students through reading and writing. Evan believes that these interactions helped to build a foundation for these students and was a wonderful way to connect with them on a personal level.

evan-quote-backgroundAs a volunteer for both Operation Breakthrough Kansas City and The Ronald McDonald House Kansas City, he has dedicated time to serving the lives of sick or needy children and to supporting their families, which helped to remove some of the burden associated with their situations.

"Throughout my formative years, I was surrounded by people and programs focused on helping children realize their full potentials through reading," Evan says. "Now, years later, I maintain the same desire to support the relationship between children and reading, albeit through a different lens, and am honored to contribute my views, abilities and experiences to further bolster the impact provided by Reach Out and Read."

Brian Gallagher, CEO of Reach Out and Read, says, "I am excited to welcome Claudia and Evan to our national Board of Directors.  Each brings a unique and critical perspective to our organization, and I know Reach Out and Read will benefit from the many contributions they will make in the coming years. "

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