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Board Member Claudia Aristy Wins Tisch Prize from the Roosevelt House Public Policy Institute

Board Member Claudia Aristy wins Tisch Award 

Reach Out and Read would like to congratulate Claudia Aristy, our National Board Member and Director of Children of Bellevue's Reach Out and Read Program, on being awarded the Tisch Prize from the Roosevelt House Public Policy Institute at Hunter College. The prestigious Tisch Prize is awarded annually in the New York Metropolitan Area for outstanding accomplishment in the field of urban public health.

Claudia's journey with Reach Out and Read began when she, a young, immigrant, single mother, first attended the Bellevue Pediatric Clinic with her son. She began working as a parent educator for Bellevue Reach Out and Read, while working on her Bachelor of Arts Degree, which she received with honors, from Hunter College.

In 2013, Claudia was promoted to Director of the Children of Bellevue Reach Out and Read Program. Under her guidance, Reach Out and Read Bellevue has expanded greatly, including the incorporation of the Reach Out and Write and the Healthy Eating Initiatives. She also spearheaded the development and implementation of the Health Education and Literacy for Parents (HELP) project.

Claudia has proven herself to be a leader time and time again. Following her significant impact on the creation of Reach Out and Read'sLeyundo Juntosprogram, she became a member of the advisory board for Reach Out and Read of Greater New York and Reach Out and Read's National Board of Directors.

Aside from her long list of achievements, Claudia stands out for her warmth, passion, creative thinking, and enthusiasm for all the Reach Out and Read stands for. We are incredibly proud to have Claudia as a member of our team and extend our sincerest congratulations.

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