The magic continues.


 Advisory Board

Advisory Board; Anne Yuresek, Christy Hammond, Liz Brown,Josh Chalmers,

Sheila Welling, Christine Garber, Robin Dini and Cynthia Roque, MD


Anne Nyberg

 Ben Philbrook, Ann Nyberg, Maggie Bascom, Lindsay Johnson and Katie Mamula


Kevin and Colleen Murphy, Sarah True and Caitlin Campbell

Buzz Media -Lesliedumkestudio -9018

 Buzz Media Company, Mike and Erica Cyr and Josh Kelly

Dr. Leonard

Dr. Ellen Leonard of The Hospital of Central Connecticut having fun with her  husband! 

Bus Drivers

Our wonderful bus drivers from Durham School Services, Dave Miller & John Crim.

Alice in Wonderland -Lesliedumkestudio -9172

 Alice in Wonderland


Secret Garden

The Secret Garden



Photos taken by Leslie Dumke Studio

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