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The Fight for Grade-Level Reading episode 2: Dr. Dipesh Navsaria of Reach Out and Read

WOW!  Dr. Navsaria does it again!  A great interview that explains the importance of childhood literacy and how brilliant Reach Out and Read is in helping to prevent against illiteracy. A great listen and introduction to the tremendous intervention Reach Out and Read is.



Martha Stewart Living

"A Novel Idea" From Martha Stewart Living, September 2018

Did you know that nearly one in four Americans didn't read even one book last year?  In "A Novel Idea," Martha Stewart's readers learn why it's so important to be reading in this digital age, tips for making reading a daily habit, the impact reading has on young minds, and how Reach Out and Read is fostering the love of reading in children from birth.  Read this wonderful article here.

Dr. Dipesh Navsaria:  Reading Programs are Really About Supporting Strong Parent-Child Bonds

 "While you may view reach Out and Read as a child literacy program, it's really secretly a parenting program:  a program designed to gently and collaboratively support strong shared reading between a parent and a child."  

Read Dr. Navsaria's full article here.  It's fabulous!


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Reading Aloud to Young Children Has Benefits for Behavior and Attention

By PERRI KLASS, M.D. APRIL 16, 2018  A new study provides evidence of just how sustained an impact reading and playing with young children can have, shaping their social and emotional development in ways that go far beyond helping them learn language and early literacy skills.  See the full New York Times article here.


Interview with FOX 61

FOX 61-9-6-17

On September 6, Reach Out and Read Connecticut spoke with FOX 61 about our program and the importance of early literacy. Watch a video of the full segment here.

Community Culture Showcase: Reach Out and Read

Interview -9-15-17

On September 15, Reach Out and Read Connecticut's Tish Rabe and Christine Garber spoke with SEC-TV. Tish Rabe is an Advisory Board Member, and Christine Garber is the Regional Executive Director, CT & MA Reach Out and Read. Tish Rabe is also a Bestselling Children's Book Author. Watch a video of the full segment here.

Middlesex United Way: Reach Out and Read to Help Curb Summer Slump

For children, summer is a time for relaxation and fun. Long days are spent hanging out with friends and family and soaking up the sun. However, for many children from low-income families, summer may not seem as quite as bright.

For over 28 years, Reach Out and Read has worked to help all children enter school on a level playing field by engaging parents to read more often with their infants, toddlers and preschoolers.

During summer break, many children lose critical academic skills, especially in reading and writing. This disproportionately affects students from low-income families, who can, on average, lose up to two months of grade-level equivalency in reading during the summer. This achievement gap quickly adds up, leaving low-income youth less likely to graduate from high school or enter college. Click here to read more.

Comcast Newsmakers Hosts Reach Out and Read Connecticut

Meghan Blomberg

Check out the awesome interview one of our Connecticut Regional Programs Coordinators, Meghan Sullivan Blomberg, had with Comcast Newsmakers about the Reach Out and Read program and all the work we do to promote early childhood literacy. Great job, Meg!

Middletown Rotary Club Funds Reach Out and Read Connecticut

Reach Out and Read Connecticut joined the Middletown Rotary Club on April 19 for a meeting and check presentation of the club's $1,000 donation to our organization. The grant was awarded to benefit our two Middletown program sites. The Middletown Rotary Club is dedicated to supporting community service projects that help address many of today's most critical issues, such as illiteracy. This is the second time that we have received funding from the Middletown Rotary Club and we are very grateful for their continued support of our program and their commitment to helping promote early child literacy! See the press release here.

Also, see here for an article from the Middletown Press about the donation and the work we do in Middletown and throughout the state!

Check Presentation Chris And Bruce DriskaReach Out and Read Connecticut Executive Director, Christine Garber, and Middletown Rotary Club President, Bruce Driska

Reach Out and Read Connecticut Appears on the Lisa Saunders Show

Reach Out and Read Connecticut was honored to be a guest on The Lisa Saunders Show on April 6. Connecticut Executive Director, Christine Garber, and Aniella Fignon from Community Health Center, Inc. spoke with Lisa Saunders about the Reach Out and Read program and why encouraging families to make reading aloud with their children a daily routine from infancy is so important for a child's future academic and life success. Garber and Fignon also talked about the recent report of research using MRI technology to demonstrate that reading aloud to young children activates the areas of the brain that help with the development of language and literacy! Watch the entire fun and informative segment here. Thank you for having us on the show and supporting our work, Lisa!

Lisa Saunders Show

(l-r) Aniella Fignon, Community Health Center, Inc., Christine Garber, Reach Out and Read Connecticut Executive Director, and Lisa Saunders

Book & Things with Tom

Reach Out and Read Connecticut was honored to be a guest on the show, Books & Things with Tom, on February 4. Connecticut Executive Director, Christine Garber, spoke with Tom Santos about our unique model and why developing a routine to read aloud to your child from birth is crucial to healthy brain development and fostering fundamental reading skills. Garber also highlighted ways in which the community can get involved in our work and why the community's support is so vital to the successful delivery of our program. Watch the segment here.

Thank you for having us on the show and supporting our work, Tom; it was a pleasure!

Books & Things 1


2015 Hartford Business Journal's Giving Guide


Take a look! Reach Out and Read Connecticut is honored to be featured in this year's Hartford Business Journal Giving Guide!

For the Record Segment with Shawn Murphy of WHPX-TV

"For the Record" Segment

Connecticut Executive Director, Christine Garber, and Connecticut advisory board member and medical provider, Dr. Cynthia Roque, joined WHPX-TV in New London for a taping of a For the Record segment with Shawn Murphy.  Murphy has been a strong supporter of Reach Out and Read over the last few years, inviting us back to his show for the third time. Among other things, Garber and Roque discussed the importance of developing children's early literacy skills and why literacy is so important. They also spoke about why, after 26 years, Reach Out and Read has changed their model to incorporate children under 6 months of age into the evidence-based program.  Watch this fun and informative interview here. Thank you Shawn and the entire "For the Record" team for inviting us back and for your support of our work. 

November 19 Forum on Early Literacy Experiences, the Brain, and Child Development

Literacy Forum 2

Take a minute to read this article that recaps the presentations of Dr. Perri Klass, Dr. Julia Irwin, and Dr. Myra Jones-Taylor at the November 19 forum on Early Literacy Experiences, the Brain, and Child Development held at SCSU.

Coffee Break Chat with WICC 600AM

WICC 600

Reach Out and Read Connecticut recently spoke with radio station WICC 600AM during their coffee break chat. Listen to the entire interview here.

Interview with FOX CT


On September 16, Reach Out and Read Connecticut spoke with FOX CT about our program and the importance of early literacy as well as our partnership with the Noah Webster House & West Hartford Historical Society and our event, Curiosity Day with Curious George. Watch a video of the full segment here.

Bedtime Stores for Young Brains, Dr. Perri Klass

NYT Logo

"Two new studies examine the unexpectedly complex interactions that happen when you put a small child on your lap and open a picture book.  This month, the Pediatrics Journal published a study that used functional magnetic resonance imaging to study brain activity in 3-to 5-year-old children as they listened to age-appropriate stories. The researchers found differences in brain activation according to how much the children had been read to at home.

Children whose parents reported more reading at home and more books in the home showed significantly greater activation of brain areas in a region of the left hemisphere called the parietal-temporal-occipital association cortex."

Click here to read Dr. Klass' full article in the New York Times.

Reach Out and Read's Dr. Boone Featured on NBC's The Today Show 

Click here to watch the piece on this inspirational pediatrician and her passion for literacy.

 Dr . Boone

Reach Out and Read Makes Cover of Hartford Courant on March 2, 2015 with launch of "Rocking the Road to Reading with Bob's Outreach!"  

See the Hartford Courant's full coverage of the event here and here!

March 3 2015 Hartford Courant Cover

Connecticut Family Magazine Features Reach Out and Read Connecticut!

CT Fam Mag

"Along with a stethoscope and a tongue depressor, Dr. Cynthia Roque uses a book as an important diagnostic tool when her little patients come for an appointment."

See the full article on Reach Out and Read Connecticut on page 12 of Connecticut Family Magazine's spring edition. And while you are there, see page 32 for the article on Connecticut Advisory Board member and Dr. Seuss author Tish Rabe.  Enjoy!

Pediatricians Promote "Reach Out and Read" for Early Literacy

Channel 8 News

Click here for full story and video.  

Reach Out and Read Connecticut on For the Record with Shawn Murphy

 For The Record

Check our recent interview with Connecticut Medical Director Cathy Wiley, MD and Connecticut Executive Director Christine Garber.

A Prescription to Read


Ir -logo

Reach Out and Read partners with the American Academy of Pediatrics and Scholastic. See the video here.  


Early literacy program reaches out to parents first. 


 The -day -new -london -ct

See article here.


Pediatric Care Center Hosts Reach Out and Read Event


E -bristolpress

Chandler Howard, President and CEO Liberty Bank

Chandler Howard, President and CEO, Liberty Bank, reads to children during a Reach Out and Read event at Pediatric Care Center on Farmington Ave. In Bristol.  (Photo by Mike Orazzi)

See full article here.

Channel 3 News

Shee Channel 3's coverage of the event here!

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