Selections of Our Most Exciting News


Program Manager Gail Phillips Opens Up about a Lifetime of Service 

Encouraging Reports from the Field, Including a Visit to The Refugee Clinic

Celebrating New and Continuing Partnerships with Events This Month

ROR GA Partners with Project LAUNCH in Muscogee County

Benita Somerfield, Lifelong Literacy Advocate

ROR GA Creating Relationships in the Field May 2017

Unsung Hero Helping Prevent Child Abuse Everyday

More than 31,000 Books Purchased and Delivered to Sites!

More than 8,300 Books Donated Through Holiday Book Drive

Successful Year-End and Holiday Fundraising Push Helps Us Raise Awareness

Traveling to Every Corner of the State, Engaging with Program Sites: Program Update Jan 2017

Meet Our Program Manager, Karolina Klinker, the Face of ROR GA in the Field

Brian Gallagher, CEO of the Reach Out and Read Network, Offers Perspective on the Coming Year

Meet Local Philanthropist and ROR GA Supporter Lynn Floum

May 2016 National Conference Update, Executive Director, Medical Director and Advisory Board Member Attend, Medical Director Wins Award

Our Field Work, June 2016, Outfitting Clinics with Books and Materials for Parents

Beyond Lollipops and Stickers, Dr. Susan Reines Uses Books to Connect with Local Refugee Children and Families

"Be the Change You Want to See" Dr. David Bergman is an Author as well as a Pediatrician 

Meet the Inspiring Medical Director for Reach Out and Read Georgia

A Prolific Advocate for Georgia's Children: Dr. Jay Berkelhamer

One Doctor's Inspiring Life Serves Patients and Parents , Dr. Dipika Sharma

One Woman's Decades-Long Commitment to Early Childhood Education , Ms. Cami Nail

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