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Dr. David Bergman, Pediatrician, Children's Book Author

Dr. David Bergman


Dr. David Bergman is a pediatrician in Alpharetta, GA. He's the author of Jonah Giraffe Has a Too-Long Tail, which was chosen by Georgia's First Lady, Sandra Deal, as part of her Read Across Georgia initiative. More recently, he released, Owl Learns to Fly, about an owl, born blind, who learns from the wisdom of other animal friends in the Redwood forest. Owl realizes she has other senses she can utilize to help her master the ability to fly.

"I model my books on Aesop's fables. They all have a central meaning, moral or theme."

Dr. Bergman generously donated 512 copies of Owl Learns to Fly to Reach Out and Read Georgia and we're excited to profile his efforts to share his hobby, passion, creativity and love of books and reading with his patients and community.

"Owl is really about being resilient and overcoming life's challenges."

One could say that many of life's challenges could also be addressed and overcome through early education and reading, which is exactly what Dr. Bergman hopes to inspire by giving away his books to his patients at The Pediatric Place.

"In the midst of a technological change, kids are not being exposed to as many books. I'm a believer that hard-bound books are the way to go for young children. There's a difference if you're cuddled up with mom and dad or grandma - it's a powerful thing to have a book in your hand. I like to think I am doing my part to hold back that digital revolution."

Dr. Bergman cites reading a book together as much more personal.

"Books are the initial avenue toward creativity. They can transport you to different lands, differently cultures, in your mind."

Dr. Bergman first learned of Reach Out and Read during his residency at Yale Medical School.

"We saw a lot of patients on Medicaid in our primary care clinic training in New Haven. Giving them a book, and encouraging reading is important. Reading is the first avenue to educational success."

Dr. Bergman fears that parents are too busy sometimes, and aren't valuing reading in the pre-school years. "They expect the schools will handle it."

When he gives away his books at his clinic, he wants parents to know that reading together is a great way to bond and stimulate the creative thought.

"Reading is food for the mind. Kids, especially toddlers, are big sponges. They are absorbing tremendous amounts of information."

To learn more about Dr. Bergman's books, visit his website.

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