Field Work June 2016

Books and Materials Distributed to Partner Clinics and Parents

Walton Hlth Dept (1)
We dedicated time and manpower the last two months securing equipment for 14 sites to help provide literacy rich waiting room experiences for families during visits to the pediatrician. 
In all, over 29,000 books have been processed for distribution to 51 sites. They are arriving to our clinics daily and will continue to arrive through the end of the month.  

We are lucky to have valued supporters help us with in-kind book contributions. Thanks to their support we were able to distribute 2000 books from Orajel to 20 sites and we've allocated and distributed 7000 books from Scholastic to 18 sites. 

To raise awareness of our presence and support of our affiliate doctor's, we've also distributed  136 posters to 12 sites to liven up waiting rooms and reinforce the importance of reading. Parent engagement materials, bookmarks, developmental milestones posters and more will be sent early next week to all our sites including  an overview of early mathematical development, the importance of talking, singing, and reading to children, newborn to six months, and tips for reading to your family.  
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