Successful Year-End and Holiday Fundraising Push Enables Us to Increase Awareness and Engagement

Social Media Stats Reflect Efforts


Throughout the holidays we engaged in book drives and several statewide campaigns including Georgia Gives Day, Giving Tuesday, and our year end appeal, which enabled us to unite in the effort to raise awareness of the good work non-profits are doing in our state. 

These efforts also enabled us to increase awareness of our mission and vision. 

Our social media statistics reflect this increased outreach and engagement. On Facebook we added nearly 50 new likes and on Twitter we've attracted approximately the same number of new followers. We feel priviledged to share the message of early childhood literacy with an ever-growing onling community. 

We have also received an unprecedented number of unprompted volunteer inquiries and new site applications from physicians and clinics who want to host a Reach Out and Read program at their site.

We are so grateful to the people who are willing to come out and aid in the mission to bring greater resources to underserved communities. 

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