One Doctor's Inspiring Life Serves Patients and Parents Alike

Profile of Dr. Dipika Sharma

Dr. Dipika SharmaDr. Dipika Sharma is a pediatrician at Children's Healthcare of Atlanta. Her office is one of the new additions to our Reach Out and Read Georgia coalition. Dr. Sharma is also ROR GA's newest advisory board member and recently spoke at our Advisory Board Leadership Reception. Her presentation was inspirational; she connected every milestone in her life with a meaningful book. 

Dr. Sharma grew up in Kathmandu, the capital of Nepal. As her mother and father were employed as a teacher and doctor, respectively, education and health were the two most important values in the household.

Dr. Sharma fondly remembers school vacations she and her siblings would spend exploring the city's only library.

"It was a big deal to go to the library," Dr. Sharma recalls.

Dr. Sharma says books motivated her to do well in school. The top students in the class would get a book as a reward.

"Books are the best resources to satisfy a child's curiosity. You learn about worlds beyond your own. That they speak differently languages in different countries and wear different clothes."

"Every time I give a book to an underprivileged child, it gives the parents the opportunity to read and bond with their kids. It introduces new vocabulary, new words, and it gives kids the opportunity to look back on time spent with mom and dad."

Dr. Sharma says thanks to resources and support provided by Reach Out and Read, her patients and their families look forward to the book distributions and many are building their own at-home libraries.

"The books also make office visits so much easier. Developmental milestones are apparent when I can see the child interact with the book. it's been an amazing process."

Dr. Sharma reports that approximately 90% of her patient-population is state funded, so buying books would not be a financial priority in their households.

"By giving the books away, we are nurturing a healthy mind."

Dr. Sharma reflects, "With good health and good education you can be anyone in the world. We are transforming a family by giving away these books."

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