Reading...Out and About July 2017

Encouraging Reports from the Field, Including a Visit to The Refugee Clinic

In July our program manager, Karolina Klinker, visited 11 sites across the state and conducted 11 site coordinator trainings. 


She visited The Refugee Clinic and met with one of Reach Out and Read Georgia's newer providers Dr. Goodman. Dr. Goodman was a resident at the Boston location where the Reach Out and Read program started.  


Dr. Goodman shared how she just gave a book to a Somalian family.  The mother shared she couldn't read so Dr. Goodman showed her how to talk about what she sees in the pictures and by the end of the book review, the mother felt confident about reading the book to her children.


One of the things we love most about our program is how it empowers parents on every level to read and engage with their children. There is nothing that should stop a parent from sitting down with their child and a good book. 

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