Traveling to Every Corner of the State, Engaging with Participating Program Sites

And away we go!



Our dedicated Program Managers are on track to perform 41 site visits by the end of this month. We met with 48 providers and organized 7 Site Coordinator trainings. 5 new Site Orientations at our program sites were conducted and we loved meeting a mother at Medlink Colbert who shared that the first time she ever heard that it was important to read to her baby was through her pediatrician.

When she saw how her child responded to the books, she immediately began finding resources to increase the amount of books in the home.  She would visit thrift stores and go to the library with him often to get books.  He thoroughly enjoys reading and the mother was so thankful that the program was being done in her pediatrician's office.

Testimony from doctors implementing the program paints a simliar picture.

New provider Dr. Salandy was surprised by how surprised her own patients were when they heard how and why reading is important. Rebecca Dawson, NP, in Fitzgerald:  Sometimes these books are the only books in the home, the only toys the child has to call their own.

At Family Health Center of Georgia, we met with The Board of Regents, the instituition charged with higher education, to bring 500 donated books to local sites. It's encouraging that this institution values our early literacy efforts.

Pictured above, Kaiser Permanente of Georgia Executive, Kim Phelps and Pediatric Medical Director, Dr. Jones celebrate Kaiser's Thrive by 5 partnership with Reach Out and Read Georgia at Panola Medical Center. Dr. Reines and the entire staff at Panola enthusiastically embrace the program. Four other Kaiser locations currently implement our program in Georgia with more slated to join this year! 

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