Mission and Vision

240,000 Children 5 Years of Age and Under Live in Poverty in Georgia: All Children Deserve a Chance to Succeed.

Click here to watch our Reach Out and Read video and see how the path to reading proficiency starts early and starts at home.   

Our Mission

Reach Out and Read Georgia gives young children a foundation for success by incorporating books into pediatric care and encouraging families to read aloud together.

As part of our modei, doctors utilize the book, which the child gets to bring home at the end of every well visit, to interact with the child, gauge their developmental milestones, and show the parent how to engage their child as part of a daily reading routine.

Our program encourages and enables families to read together as means to optimal brain development and school readiness, with particular attention to at-risk children growing up in low-income communities.

Our Vision

All children have access to Reach Out and Read in order to read proficiently by third grade.

Currently, 240,000 Georgia children ages 5 and under live at or below the Federal Poverty Level. We envision a day when all children are served by a Reach Out and Read provider, putting them on a path to enter kindergarten ready to learn.

Download the one-page description to learn more about the Reach Out and Read program.


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