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* If you would like to donate to Reach Out and Read Massachusetts, please be sure to make a note specifiying that you would like your donation to stay in Massachusetts in the "Additional Comments" box. Thank you!


Donate and Deliver Books

In addition to giving new books to children, Reach Out and Read MA helps give gently-used books to Sites to create literacy-rich waiting rooms, hand out to siblings, and have on hand for sick visits.

Children are encouraged to bring home used books to build their home libraries, and further their exposure to books and reading. By expanding home libraries, Reach Out and Read MA is helping to ensure that children are better prepared for school.

Individuals and groups can help by organizing used book drives in their communities. Book drives are easy to organize and execute, and they have a large impact. There are 254 Reach Out and Read Sites around Massachusetts that could benefit from the donation of used books.

If you would like to learn more about planning a book drive, please contact the appropriate Regional Coordinator for your area. Here is a list of books for children birth-5 years-old for reference.


Become a Reach Out and Read Program

Thank you for your interest in becoming a Reach Out and Read program.  We are always looking for new practices to join our Massachusetts team.

The first step to becoming a Reach Out and Read program is to complete our online application.  Our online application can be found here. Apply now!

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