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Reach Out and Read gives children a foundation for success by incorporating books into pediatric care and encouraging families to read aloud together.


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 Who We Are

Reach Out and Read gives young children a foundation for success by incorporating books into pediatric care and encouraging families to read aloud together.

The best time to shape a child's future is in the first five years, a critical window of rapid brain development that does not occur at any other time. Children who hear fewer words during early childhood start school developmentally behind their peers, and may never catch up.

With unparalleled access to families with young children, Reach Out and Read medical providers give books to children at well-child visits from infancy until they start school. More importantly, they encourage families to read aloud and engage with their infants, toddlers and preschoolers every day.  

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Our program is both cost-effective, and evidence-based: research shows that our program results in more frequent reading at home, accelerated vocabulary and critical brain stimulation. 

The effectiveness of the Reach Out and Read model is recognized by the American Academy of Pediatrics.  They've published this policy statement that recommends early literacy promotion as an essential component of pediatric care.

During regular pediatric checkups, Reach Out and Read pediatricians, family physicians, and nurse practitioners give new, developmentally-appropriate books to children, ages 6 months through 5 years. They advise parents about the importance of reading aloud to children from infancy to prepare them for success in school. Doctors also use books as a tool to assess developmental milestones.

As a result of this evidence-based intervention, parents learn new ways to stimulate their children's literacy development, have more books in their home, and read to their children more. Parents are supported as their children's first and most important teachers! 

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In New Jersey

A state affiliate of the national Reach Out and Read organization since 2008, Reach Out and Read New Jersey supports sites already implementing the program, helps interested sites through the application and training phase, and recruits new sites to participate in underserved areas. The Reach Out and Read model is used by providers in every primary care setting: health clinics, heath centers, private practices, and hospital outpatient clinics.  

Reach Out and Read New Jersey meets the unique needs of families with young children in our state by providing culturally-appropriate services and targeting the most at-risk children. Books are provided in a family's native language whenever possible, including Spanish, Portuguese, and French. Clinics that serve a high percentage of low-income families are a priority for the Reach Out and Read program.

The number of children participating has more than doubled since 2008. As of January 2017, we are reaching 70,000 children from the ages of 6 months through 5 years of age at 97 sites throughout the state. 

For a complete list of Sites in New Jersey, click here.


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We are so grateful to our many New Jersey funders and partners including:


Allergan Foundation The Ohl Foundation
Barnes & Noble PharmaLinx
Bob's Discount Furniture PNC Foundation
Clara Maass Medical Center Foundation PSE&G Foundation
Marylee Chaski Charitable Foundation Rutgers Community Health Foundation
Children's Futures Scholastic
The Geraldine R. Dodge Foundation Subaru of America Foundation
Faber News Now Henry and Marilyn Taub Foundation
F.M. Kirby Foundation Turrell Fund
The Karma Foundation Victoria Foundation
The Merck Foundation
Moriarty Foundation
Novo Nordisk

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  Local New Jersey Impact
97 Reach Out and Read Programs
59,144 Children Served Annually
88,748 Books Distributed Annually
U.S. Totals
4.7 million
children served annually

Reach Out and Read's thousands of doctors and nurses promote early literacy and school readiness to young children and their families in all 50 states. Each year, medical providers at the nearly 5,000 Reach Out and Read program sites nationwide distribute 6.5 million books to children and invaluable literacy advice to parents.

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