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Important information for new and existing Reach Out and Read pediatricians.

Reach Out and Read thrives on the passion and service of more than 20,000 primary care providers and staff who make our model a standard part of pediatric care. Collectively, we serve more than 4 million children and their families nationwide.

We are proud that the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) and the National Association of Pediatric Nurse Practitioners (NAPNAP) have officially endorsed the Reach Out and Read model of early literacy promotion. 

Click here to read an article about Reach Out and Read: Evidence Based Approach to Promoting Early Childhood Development. 

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U.S. Totals
4.5 million
children served annually

Reach Out and Read's thousands of doctors and nurses promote early literacy and school readiness to young children and their families in all 50 states. Each year, medical providers at the nearly 5,000 Reach Out and Read program sites nationwide distribute 6.5 million books to children and invaluable literacy advice to parents.

  Local Impact
Awards & Endorsements Recognition for Reach Out and Read's Impact Nationwide.
Endorsed By American Academy of Pediatrics
Award Winner 2013 David M. Rubenstein Prize
Endorsed by National Association of Pediatric Nurse Practitioners
Literacy Partner American Academy of Family Physicians
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Reach Out and Read National Center
56 Roland Street, Suite 100D
Boston, MA 02129-1243

Parent Resources

A Prescription to Read 20 Minutes Every Day.

Suggested Reading:

Title: Clifford's Animal Sounds
Author: Norman Bridwell
Reading To Your Twelve To Eighteen Month Old

Books that introduce sounds are perfect for using with your baby. For example, ask your baby, "What sound does the dog make?"  This game reinforces language development and is fun to play!

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