Strategic Direction

Beginning Our Next Chapter

We can guide the future of preventive pediatric healthcare.

Over the past three decades, Reach Out and Read has grown into a national operation with significant impact: We operate in more than 6,400 medical clinics across the U.S. and serve nearly 5 million children and their families. While our accomplishments have been impressive, our greatest moments lie ahead of us.

As we look forward to our next 30 years, Reach Out and Read is committed to expanding and deepening our impact. We will forge new partnerships, strengthen our model, and reshape how pediatric primary care is taught and delivered. We call it the Next Chapter.

A proven model

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Our opportunity.

Pediatric primary care providers have unparalleled access to families during a child’s vital early years. We know firsthand that forming a relationship with a trusted medical professional helps parents and other caregivers build healthy skills and routines. We also know that there is great potential in this interaction that has yet to be fully realized.

Reach Out and Read can play a leading role in transforming pediatric primary care to unlock its full potential. We have deep connections with the pediatric care community at all levels of our organization and our network spans the country. We’ve built strong collaborations with public and private institutions and possess a robust collection of research findings that attest to the efficacy of our model. We are now in a prime position to transform pediatric primary care and amplify our impact on both pediatric care and the families and children that we serve.

Our strategy.

We strive to inspire a movement that makes promoting positive, language-rich interactions the standard of care—one that every child deserves and can benefit from. Our Next Chapter strategy involves three central priorities:

  • Build critical partnerships that will help us establish a best-practice framework that serves the unique needs of each family and child, and that is fully evaluated for both impact and scalability
  • Use the strengths of Reach Out and Read to support advocacy that drives durable policy change
  • Integrate sound science around language-rich caregiver-child interactions into medical education
Our vision.

Reach Out and Read seeks to maximize the potential of the pediatric primary care setting to support positive interactions that foster healthy brain development during the critical early years of a child’s life.

We imagine:

  • Medical education that teaches aspiring pediatric professionals how to promote positive, language-rich interactions
  • Parents and caregivers who are coached in the skills needed to engage their children early and often, laying the foundation for success
  • A future where every child experiences the powerful effects of reading, speaking, singing, and spending time with a loved one
  • The Next Chapter will help us realize this bold vision, in partnership with others who share our goal of unleashing the full potential of pediatric primary care.